Founded with love by Renee Sands, Kingdom Meditation is on a mission to spiritually heal the human race, one client, one audience at a time.


Through the power of the Holy Spirit and the love of Jesus Christ, Renee is committed to her calling in healing.


Core Values

  • Spiritually healing the human race.

The Vision

Our Mission

  • We are calming the world everyday through spiritual healing.
  • We will create a nurturing environment for healing.
  • We will follow up and follow through with every client.
  • We will provide accountability and excellence in coaching and spiritual healing.
  • We are a safe space for emotional healing.
  • We will teach a different path towards healing.

  • Sincere people.
  • People with integrity.
  • Transparency and authenticity.
  • Active listening.
  • Everyone. Everyone matters.
  • Supportive families.
  • Love and respect towards animals.

Our Values

Who better to know a mother than the daughter she conceived? The daughter she nurtured, loved? Renee is my mother, an amazing mother, a wonderful woman, a strong woman, who loves, deeply. It has been a blessing to watch her persevere and an honor to be of help to someone who has given of herself tirelessly again and again and again to help others succeed.

Before the words "life coach" became de mode, she, as many a mother, coached her children to become independent, strong and spiritually-grounded. Graced through powerful relationships and leadership, Renee brings her healing ability and practice to you. Her understanding of the body, the spirit and human needs is tremendous. There is a way about her that will empower you to become your own change agent.

It was God's design that we need each other to grow. I urge you to take advantage of any opportunity to allow my mother, Renee Sands, to assist you, teach you, encourage you with real, effectual methods that will bring you to a new level of health and self-awareness. You will be blessed for it!