Over 40 years of expertise in healthcare, nursing and spiritual awareness.


Confident. Approachable.

Renee is an expert at understanding and eradicating the spiritual roots of addictions and cancer using the power of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Everyone has a gift. Renee's is in healing and the discernment required to uncover the root of diseases. Coupled with over 40 years of applied nursing experience and supporting medical evidence, Kingdom Meditation by Renee is a speaking and coaching practice dedicated to a holistic mind-body-spirit connection.



Informed. Engaging. Dynamic.

Take your event to the next level with a conversation like no other. Let Renee engage and inform at your next event with her expertise in spiritual health. Her dynamic, approachable style comes from years of radio hosting and the bedside manner that engages people. Long story, short...she cares. Want a memorable, life-changing experience related to health and healing? Engage Renee as a speaker to equip your audience with insights that have the ability to better their lives.


Attentive. Caring. Direction.

The power of Jesus Christ is real and HE is Renee's life coach. Everyone has a gift. Her gifting is healing, discernment and helping others attain health. As a Christian Life Coach who specializes in the spiritual root of disease...or rather, dis-ease, Renee can help identify the spiritual root of our most common ailments. Let her walk beside you through the healing process to equip you with the insight, tools and practices that will enable you to attain true health, inside and out.

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An informed, engaging, dynamic speaker who empowers others to attain spiritual health.


Renee is a warm and informative speaker. Contact her to add a dynamic element to your next speaking engagement.


Bringing over 40 years of nursing experience and spiritual awareness to an attentive, healing, coaching environment.


Have over 40 years of medical experience at your side with Renee as your Certified Life Coach. Learn how to live life better from someone who's been there, done that and is all the better for it!


Download one of Renee's health insight teachings using the complimentary teaching link below.